Grace & Identity

God’s glory above all else is the heart cry of Saticoy. “Yes Lord, walking in the way of your truth, we eagerly wait for you. Your name and renown is the cry of our heart.” - Isaiah 26:8 We are here to make Jesus famous in Saticoy. Worship is the heart that pumps life into all we do.

Relationships are more important than rules. Grace flows through living relationships not external regulations. Growth takes place not in isolation but in connection with others. Healthy, grace-based relationships promote genuine spiritual growth. We’re better together!

Acceptance promotes healing. We seek to cultivate a culture where each person, regardless of their background, ethnicity, social and economic standing, failures or successes, is respected. Honor is a core value of Saticoy.

Compassion compels us. Before the world will care what we know they must know that we care. Our goal is to effectively serve the needs of the Saticoy community and to compassionately share the water of life with all who are thirsty. 

Encouragement is our gift to others. People need hope like a suffocating person needs air. Our goal is to breathe the air of encouragement into those who have had the wind knocked out of them by the blows of life. We long to be a grace-filled people of encouragement. Our celebration services and small groups are designed to bring strong encouragement for life today.