Raining Hope Uganda

Special offering

On Easter Sunday Saticoy Church will be taking a special offering for Raining Hope. Please pray about joining us in giving to this great work that is happening for orphans in Uganda.


Raining Hope raises and distributes funds in order to provide food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education for children & families in need in Uganda. But more importantly, they are shown the love of Jesus Christ and taught to share that love with others.

Many Ugandan children are without hope, living on the streets, without love and guidance. But the children of Raining Hope have been rescued from that life and given an opportunity to become, well-loved, well-trained, well-educated servants of God.

They are focused students who are thankful for the opportunity to get a good education. They are joy-filled followers of Jesus who take seriously the opportunity to impact others' lives for God. They are worshipers who live for God's glory. They are servants, who take nothing for granted & are passionate about sharing God's love with others, in tangible ways.

Raining Hope is making a life-long investment to raise up a generation of people who will be used by God to change Uganda and the world.